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With the increasing demand of oil and gas products and the depletion of oil and gas resources around the world, the collection, transportation and processing of oil and gas products become more and more complex, . Today, the oil and gas industry is becoming increasingly complex due to environmental, long-distance and strict environmental geo-policy constraints, as well as government regulations.

The application of valves in the oil and gas industry is critical. Xindeli Valve ensures that the product design fully meets customer requirements. Valve design is based on high quality and easy maintenance. Our designs are continually updated, from raw materials to finished products, and are always looking for ways to apply the latest technology to production. Our mission is to fully understand the needs of our customers. With the latest technology and the best people, we are confident that quality and reliability throughout the entire production process can help you meet your challenges.

Upstream: Upstream business from land and marine crude oil exploration and exploitation, to crude oil refining production. Xindeli Valve utilizes our continuously innovative technical capabilities and a global sales and service network to help customers achieve the most challenging applications of fluid technology control and cost control.

Midstream: Midstream business is the safe and efficient transport of oil and gas products from production and storage locations to processing plants and locations. The general requirement is to be able to ensure that the business operations are flexible and continue to benefit from the changing global economy and energy distribution. This is the biggest challenge for all midstream operating companies. Xindeli Valve has a wealth of pipeline and delivery valve types, can help business enterprises to meet the challenges.

Downstream: Downstream business means that oil and gas products can be safely refined and refined at the point of use. This type of operating company usually requires the use of its final product matching the complex and diverse types of valves. Xindeli Valve has the widest range of products and models available to help customers minimize operating costs and ensure compliance with low-leakage environmental regulations.

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