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In recent years, with the state and the provinces and cities to support the development of maritime shipbuilding industry, the scale of China's shipbuilding industry has grown. State Council adopted the "Ship Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan" pointed out that to speed up the adjustment and revitalization of the shipbuilding industry, we must take active support measures to stabilize shipbuilding orders, resolve operational risks, to ensure the smooth and rapid industrial development; control shipbuilding capacity, promote industrial structure Speed up independent innovation, develop high-tech high value-added ships, the development of marine engineering equipment, cultivate new economic growth point.

As an independent innovation, Xindeli Valve always keep pace with the latest industry-leading technology to meet the changing market demands and professional challenges. We are committed to developing high-quality, high-tech value-added valve products for China's shipbuilding industry to make their own Due contribution.

By providing customized marine valve solutions to help shipbuilders and ship owners to choose the right valve products, cost savings, reduce risk. To standardize the valve products to reduce the maintenance needs of parts, and ultimately help owners reduce valve repair costs. Our valve products are versatile to help customers save space and weight, which for space-constrained submarines and ships is of great significance.

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