From November 1, 2016 began to pump valve casting prices will rise

2016-11-02 14:43:06

China's valve casting industry, the development of faster, but the overall level is still low, low-tech products, the key valve products also rely on imports. China's existing level of valve with the international advanced countries compared to at least 10-20 years behind.

China valve castings, has become Asia's largest valve casting processing center and the world's largest valve castings market, especially in the power station valves, chemical valves, valve building materials and valves, such as the rise of food, because of its broad prospects for development, the market Attractive profits, has become a lot of business investment and strive to the meat and potatoes.

In August, the state shut down a large number of metal mining enterprises, resulting in the price of metal materials, mate up, and casting products after the price of various steel (scrap) market prices continue to rise and rise, so that the scrap market has been weak all the way up, Ferrous metals, silicon, ferromanganese and auxiliary materials rose at the same time.

In recent years, due to the implementation of the new environmental protection law, all levels of government and environmental protection departments of the foundry business requirements are very strict, casting enterprises to invest huge sums of money to buy equipment (such as burner, waste water treatment equipment). Now all the electricity and gas to replace the traditional low-cost heating of coal, so that dust, waste water to meet national emission standards, which invisible increase in the production costs of enterprises.

In taxation, taxation and electricity sector interconnection, the use of advanced scientific tax method, enterprise power consumption and productivity linked to regulate the tax revenue of enterprises.

Starting in May this year, Zhejiang Province on the seven heavily polluting industries to rectify, casting industry is also one of them. Foundry industry is facing the most severe rectification and improvement stage, rectification and improvement requires a lot of capital investment, production and management costs will increase mate.

In order to cast the survival and healthy development of enterprises, is now negotiated by the regional trade associations, starting from November 1, 2016 unified price adjustment, per ton of castings products, carbon steel castings in the original price on the basis of 1,500 yuan, stainless steel castings In the original price on the basis of 3,500 yuan.

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