Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd

2016-11-02 14:50:06

Recently, Zhenhai refinery aromatic plant adsorption tower pump two import control valve for localization transformation. October 9, the successful implementation of the reset valve installation, marking the company aromatics pump valve localization of research projects made new progress.

It is understood that Zhenhai refining aromatics plant absorption tower pumping valve due to the need for frequent switching action, the action frequency of about 600,000 times / year, once the tower pressure exceeds the process requirements, easy to lead to shorten the life of molecular sieve, performance, resulting in low product yield Even product unqualified situation. Harsh conditions to the aromatic device pumping valve bearing wear serious, shortened life expectancy and other issues, to this end, Zhenhai Refinery Control Department, mobile and refining the establishment of five technical research group, with the domestic control valve Manufacturers repeated simulation test demonstration, the study of aromatic pumping valve localization of research programs to improve the wear resistance of valve bearings and action accuracy, to extend the service life of the valve. The reset valve to achieve the installation, the company's professional technical team will continue to observe the valve after the transformation of the operation, and do maintenance work.

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