China's five-axis linkage system exports more than 700 sets

2016-11-02 14:53:43


CNC machine tools in China has exceeded key core technologies, the formation of a number of iconic products. In the aviation field, independently developed large-scale forging press 800MN, 120MN aluminum sheet tension tension machine and other heavy forging equipment, to fill the domestic aviation field of large-scale key pieces of the overall forming technology blank for the development of aircraft generation and large aircraft provided Strong protection. Among them, 800MN large-scale forging press has achieved more than 30 kinds of aviation titanium alloy key parts of the overall shape, 120MN grade aluminum plate tension tension machine to produce high-quality aluminum alloy plate has been used in aircraft wings and other main bearing capacity Structural parts, to get rid of China's large aircraft aluminum plate is entirely dependent on the plight of imports.

In the field of automobile manufacturing, large-scale fast and efficient CNC automatic stamping production line with the world-class enterprises in the international bid to win the US auto factory production line of bulk orders, has been recognized and respected international counterparts. At present, the automotive sheet metal stamping line of the domestic market share of more than 70% of the global market share of more than 30%, a strong impetus to the domestic auto equipment.

In the field of power generation equipment, 3.6 million tons of black vertical metal extruder to achieve the 1000MW ultra-supercritical thermal power units used in domestic high-end heat-resistant steel large-caliber thick-walled seamless steel pipe production; large open-type heat treatment equipment to produce Asia's largest Nuclear power forging rotor forging, forming a large rotor of the production capacity for the third generation nuclear island and the island of conventional equipment developed by the heavy-duty CNC vertical milling machine processing complex, CNC heavy-duty bridge five-axis linkage milling machine , Super heavy-duty CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, super-heavy-duty CNC horizontal boring lathe and special numerical control axial slot milling machine, which solves the processing problems of nuclear power pressure vessel and gondola, heat exchanger, steam turbine block and generator rotor. In a number of nuclear power equipment installed applications.

First of all, the level of high-end equipment rapidly. At present, large-scale auto parts such as automatic stamping line more than 10 types of equipment has reached the international advanced level, can be completely import substitution. High-speed five-axis machining center, such as more than 20 kinds of products to reach the international advanced level, with the level of imported products. Precision horizontal machining center with independent intellectual property rights and the formation of flexible manufacturing system core technology. High-speed, composite and other high-end CNC machining center has completed the stage of research and development, but functional performance, reliability and international advanced level there are still some gaps.

Second, the numerical control system step forward. China has made great progress in the research and development of high-end CNC system, since 2010, has accumulated in the aerospace, energy, shipbuilding, automotive and other key areas to achieve the 3.5 million units in the domestic high-end CNC system supporting the application, . Multi-channel, multi-axis linkage and other high-performance CNC system products to break the monopoly of foreign technology, the main technical indicators have been basically reached the international mainstream level of high-grade CNC system, realized a variety of high-speed, precision CNC machine tools. High-grade numerical control system in the key military enterprises to achieve small batch applications. The development of the standard CNC system to achieve mass production, the domestic market share from 10% to 25%. Formed a number of industrial production base, of which CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. has formed an annual output of various types of CNC system 100,000 Taiwan's production capacity, production ranked second in the world.

CNC system has been initially with the competitiveness of similar foreign products, and to achieve the bulk export of CNC systems, 20102014 total exports of various types of numerical control system more than 9600 sets, of which five-axis CNC system nearly 700 sets. Finally, the functional components of product quality steadily improve, constantly improve the variety series. Domestic functional components have been achieved with the host machine batch matching; tool products have been basically for the automotive industry to provide modern cutting tools. CNC system, functional components and tools and CNC machine tool host application demonstration and batch matching, help to form a complete industrial chain, promote the machine tool industry structural adjustment.

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