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Food industry is the human life industry, is one of the oldest and everlasting evergreen industry. With the global economic development and the progress of science and technology, the world food industry has made great progress. Despite the emergence of emerging industries, but the food industry is still the world's largest manufacturing industry. The level of modernization of the food industry has become a reflection of people's quality of life and the level of national development an important symbol.

China's food industry in the central and all levels of government attaches great importance to the rapid growth in market demand and technological progress under the strong impetus has developed into a more complete category, both to meet the domestic market demand, but also has a certain export competitiveness of the industry , And to achieve a sustained, rapid and healthy development of the good momentum. The total output value of the food industry is increasing by more than 10% annually. The sales income of the products has increased rapidly and the economic benefits have been greatly improved. It continues to rank the forefront of all sectors of the national economy and plays an important role in the national economic construction.

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