China 's petrochemical industry, the four major design institutes

2016-11-02 15:19:30


China Petrochemical Engineering Construction Company (SEI)

—— Was established in 1950

Sinopec Engineering Incorporation (SEI), a subsidiary of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, is a joint venture between Sinopec Engineering Incorporation (SEI) and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec Engineering Incorporation), which integrates the feasibility study, technical consultation, design, equipment procurement, construction management and supervision, engineering contracting and project management services. , Engineering services as one of the international engineering company, with engineering design comprehensive qualification certificate, engineering supervision Class A qualification certificate, project cost consulting unit Class A qualification certificate, engineering consulting Class A qualification certificate, Class A environmental impact assessment certificate The state's top quality, and achieved ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and HSE certification.

Sinopec Engineering Company has a history of more than 50 years. It is committed to the construction, innovation and development of China's petrochemical industry for a long time. It undertakes the design and construction of large-scale oil refining and petrochemical production bases all over the country. In particular, in the field of catalytic cracking, continuous reforming, hydrocracking, cracking furnace, ethylene, polypropylene and other fields have formed their own engineering technology, in 2007 more than 100 national patents and proprietary technology more than 80 items. China's petrochemical industry, 13 professional design technology center station located in the SEI.


China Huanqiu Engineering Company (HQCEC)

—— Established in 1953

China Huanqiu Engineering Co., Ltd. is affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). It is a multi-functional company integrating technology, design, design, procurement, construction management, equipment manufacturing and driving instruction. It has project management Contracting and engineering general contracting capacity of the international engineering company, is the intelligence-intensive, technology-intensive state-owned backbone of science and technology enterprises.

In the past 50 years, we have completed more than 2,000 large-scale ethylene, large-scale refineries, large-scale polypropylene, large-scale LNG, large-scale LNG, And large-scale fertilizer and other 15 categories of equipment with general contracting capability and has a wealth of performance. Business in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, as well as Southeast Asia, Western Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, nearly 20 countries and regions, domestic counterparts in a higher degree of internationalization, the project operation of the country more enterprises, but also independent of the first to enter Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Canada, Italy and other high-end market of refining engineering company.


China Petrochemical Group Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Company (LPEC)

—— Was established in 1956

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Company (LPEC), founded in 1956, is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating engineering design, engineering contracting, engineering supervision, refining and chemical process and equipment research. It is the first authorized project implementation general contracting Of the units. With engineering design, project general contracting, project supervision, engineering consulting and environmental impact assessment, such as A qualification certificate. 1997 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, in 2004 adopted the HSE management system certification.

Since its establishment, LPEC has completed more than 800 large and medium-sized construction projects such as factories, installations, oil depots, long-distance pipelines and municipal facilities in the fields of petroleum refining, petrochemicals, natural gas, medicine and chemical industry. The performance is spread across 29 provinces , Municipalities and autonomous regions. With the domestic and foreign engineering companies to complete overseas design, procurement, general contracting projects a total of 35, involving Asia, Europe, Africa and other countries and regions.

LPEC received 46 national scientific and technological progress awards, 256 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress awards, 19 national outstanding design awards, 143 state-authorized patents and 74 proprietary technologies. Has undertaken and completed the residue hydrotreatment, low-pressure combination of bed reforming, cracking of heavy oil ethylene and a number of countries and the petrochemical group of scientific and technological research topics.

LPEC has formed its own engineering technology in the areas of catalytic cracking, hydrogenation, reforming, hydrogen production, oil and gas storage and transportation, etc., and has created a number of "first in the country", completed the current largest atmospheric and vacuum decompression, catalysis Cracking, hydrocracking, hydrofinishing, continuous reforming, PX and other equipment and a single series of processing capacity of the largest refineries, integrated processing capacity of the largest refinery engineering and other large-scale engineering design and engineering development.


China Petroleum East China Institute of Design (CEI)

—— Was established in 1974

China Petroleum East China Institute of Design (CEI) was established in 1974, is a national pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry Class-A Design Institute, the National Institute of Design 100, the Group is the guiding oil refining industry design institute, is the oil exploration and development company's technical support units, Refinery plate technology development support unit. CEI has more than 30 years of oil refining and oil storage and transportation and other engineering design experience for the development of China's oil refining business made a greater contribution.

CEI is principally engaged in the planning and design, feasibility study, process design, basic design and detailed design of refinery, petrochemical and oil and gas storage and transportation projects. At the same time also contract engineering contracting, engineering consulting, engineering cost consulting, engineering and construction, engineering survey, environmental impact assessment, wastewater treatment, labor and safety and health pre-evaluation, engineering supervision and 15, one of 15 varieties of pressure vessels Design and other services.

CEI has completed more than 500 sets of oil refining chemical plant, 50 oil and gas reservoir engineering design, more than 10 general contracting project. Refining comprehensive strength into the domestic refining industry with the first phalanx.

After 30 years of unremitting efforts, in the field of petroleum processing technology has made more than 20 patents, the formation of proprietary technology 27. In the two-stage riser catalytic cracking of olefins, prolific olefins, petrol ether, benzene extraction, heavy traffic asphalt, delayed coking, natural gas recovery technology to form a characteristic advantage. Large-scale development of new breakthroughs in equipment, in particular atmospheric and vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, catalytic reforming, delayed coking and other devices have their own characteristics, technology matures.

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